Best Nigerian Restaurant in Houston, TX

If you are searching for “Nigerian restaurants near me”, Crave Suya is the best Nigerian restaurant in Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land metropolitan. All our meals are prepared fresh and are delicious. When we started our company in 2022, we had one mission, to be the masters of Nigerian cuisinesWe are all far away from home but we still Crave that native taste that we have grown fond off. Crave Suya brings Nigeria’s kitchen to you in Houston, TX. Some of our specialties are Suya and Shawarma. We source fresh ingredients and meats locally, even the meats used at our restaurant are halal certified. Are recipe is formulated to give you nostalgia. We also serve sides of Jollof Rice, Plantain or Chicken & chips. Whether you are from Nigeria or even a foreigner, a taste of our cuisine will have you craving more. Some of the most popular foods served at Nigerian restaurants are: suya, shawarma, jollof rice, plantain, native soups(Banga, okra, egusi, etc) with eba or pounded yam. Crave Suya has most of these options and are continually adding more meals to our menu to better satisfy our customers. So if your craving Nigerian food, we are the go to restaurant in Houston, TX. We offer delivery or pickup services to better serve you. You can order your Nigerian food from our restaurant and have it delivered to the comfort of your home, or swing by our restaurant for a mouth watering meal.

West -African Restaurant Serving Delicious Dishes

Africa is a massive continent with 54 countries. Each country has its own unique cuisine. Just like how taco’s are popular in Mexico and USA, there are unique foods that almost every African eats. Being so far away from home, Crave Suya has discovered meals that appeal to almost any African. Some Nigerian restaurants serve dishes too only Nigerians. We are the only West-African restaurant in Houston that caters various meals, that every African will like. If you visit our restaurant, you are sure to find a delicacy to quench your food cravings.

Benefits of Eating At a Nigerian Restaurant Over Cooking At Home

I am sure most customers ask themselves if its better to cook at home or just buy prepared food from a Nigerian restaurant. My answer will be that is depends on how tasty and affordable the meals are. For example Crave Suya offerings start at $7 and is very tasty, so it should make sense buying from us.  But below are a few reasons why you should buy food from a Nigerian restaurant.

  1. It is more economical: When trying to cook at home, you need to buy several ingredients for the dish you want to cook. From beef, chicken, salt, pepper, spices, the list goes on. The funny thing is you might only need a small portion of each ingredient, but stores only sell in bulk. Let say you want to make a chicken burger at home VS buying it from Crave Suya. You will need to buy a pack of burger bread ($5), coleslaw ($3), pack of chicken ($10), seasoning salt ($2). The total grocery bill is $20, as opposed to you buying it for $7 from Crave Suya. This leads us to our second reason.
  2. It reduces waste: From the example above where you spent $20 to buy burger ingredients, you might never want to make a burger again. Meaning all the ingredients will expire and go to waste. This is a major problem we are now facing with climate change. Customers buy in bulk to cook at home and end up throwing away the excess, this increases waste at the landfill and damage our climate and ecosystem. So to let Mother Earth smile, next time you are hungry grab a bite from a Nigerian restaurant near you.
  3. It saves time: Imagine having to drive to the grocery store, park your vehicle – walk around the isles – checkout – come back home – unload the groceries and then cook. It is so time consuming. You can instead drive to a Nigerian restaurant and have a meal prepared for you in 30 minutes or less by professional chefs.
Nigerian restaurants benefit from economies of scale, since it’s a commercial operation. We use all our ingredients, so nothing goes to waste and we utilize labor efficiently to get your food cooked in a shorter time. Remember Crave Suya is ranked the best Nigerian Restaurant in Houston, so come see what the hype is about.

Know more about our Nigerian Restaurant

Yes Crave Suya is a Nigerian Restaurant. We sell Nigerian food to surrounding cities to Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land metropolitan. We also deliver on doordash and uber eats.

Yes Crave Suya is an African Restaurant. To be specific, we are a west African restaurant. Our menu is structured to satisfy the taste buds of almost any African. So you’re sure to find something you like on our menu. Even if you’re not African, we welcome you to try our native foods.

Most Nigerian Restaurants are known for serving mostly spicy foods. While most people might like spice, Crave Suya understands that some customers don’t like spicy foods. So most foods we serve will come in mild or spicy versions.