Nigerian Shawarma Near Me – Best Shawarma in Houston, TX

When it comes to Nigerian Shawarma spots near you, we are the best shawarma restaurant. Our recipes and combinations will leave you with nostalgia. From our bread to our meats and creams, one bite of our shawarma and you will burst of various flavor with each bite. Various regions have their own version of shawarma. We specialize in making shawarma the Nigerian way. After a debate in our kitchen, we decided to release our robust recipe to the houston market to give our customers options. We have chicken shawarma, beef shawarma, chicken and beef shawarma. What ever your preference is we have it, also you can throw in hotdogs if you want that extra flavor. We also give you 3 heat options. They come in mild, moderate or spicy. There is an option for everyone. We source the freshest meats and ingredients to make sure you eat healthy. A lot of people believe we are only Suya masters. We would be happy to prove you wrong and show that we have the best shawarma in Houston, TX. . So if you are craving shawarma, what are you waiting for, head to a Crave Suya location near you to satisfy your Shawarma cravings.

Nigerian Shawarma VS Mediterranean Shawarma

Shawarma is originally a meditterian cuisine but because of its vast popularity, many countries started to make a version that suits their own appetite. Shawarma is made by mixing beef, chicken and hotdogs with a wet sauce(normally mayo), all wrapped in Pita bread and grilled. We have formulated our own recipe to suit the taste buds of Nigerians. Nigerian shawarma is more wet and spicy, meanwhile Meditterian shawarma is dry(less saucy) and doesn’t have much spice. So it comes down to preference of the customer. However most other nationalities have said that the Nigerian shawarma taste is better than its Mediterranean counterpart. Whatever your nationality is, you will definitely fall in love with our shawarma.


Know more about our shawarma

Visit our locations page to see a Crave Suya location in Houston. We sell Nigerian shawarma to surrounding cities in Houston, TX such as Missouri City TX, Pearland TX, Sugar Land TX, Katy TX, Humble TX, Richmond TX and Spring TX We also deliver on doordash and uber eats.

Yes we know you crave that taste of home. All our secret recipes are formulated to give you that exact creamy taste. We dare you to give it a try. Let’s tease you to give our shawarma a try with 50% off your order, and you will spread the word about how good our shawarma is.

We serve chicken shawarma, beef shawarma, beef and chicken shawarma. All shawarmas come with an option of hotdogs if you prefer.