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suya in Houston,TX

We have the best suya near you without a doubt. For years Houstonians have had to settle for less with eating authentic suya. Houston has never really had a true Suya spot, until we came in. We use the freshest meats that are halal certified. We source the best ingredients for our suya mix and every ingredient used is organic. Our kitchen has passed all safety inspections by the city of Houston. Sometimes you have the crave for that delightful suya flavor or maybe a friend introduced you to suya, you can now satisfy that crave. Whatever your preference is, we have beef suya, chicken suya, shrimp suya and more to satisfy you. First we cut of meats into bite sized pieces. We then sauté it with suya spice and dip it in oil for 24hrs to properly marinate. After marinating, the suya meat is then placed on a flaming hot charcoal grill to give it that irreplaceable charcoal taste. There is a reason we are the best suya restaurant in Houston, TX. The art of blending and combining various spices has been mastered by our Chef. For a long time our chef kept his secret recipe to friends and family. Now you have the opportunity to see just how good our suya is.


We serve and deliver suya to Fresno TX, Cypress TX, Richmond TX, Rosenberg TX, Pearland TX, Pasadena TX, Missouri City TX, Houston TX, Katy TX, Sugar Land TX, Manvel TX, Conroe TX, Spring, TX 77373, Galveston TX, Stafford, TX 77477, La Porte, TX 77571, The Woodlands TX, Humble TX and  Bellaire, TX 77401. Your options of Nigerian restaurants that sell suya in Houston are endless. But if you want the best Suya and you live in Houston TX, come visit any of our locations and give us a try. We promise you will have a great experience.

What is the Origin of Suya

We all eat Suya, but very few know how or where Suya originated. Suya is a spicy blend of herbs and spices that are applied on meat and then grilled over charcoal. Suya originated in West Africa by the Hausa Tribe of Nigeria. Due to it great unique flavor, it quickly spread to other West African Countries. It is known as a street food in Africa, because it is mostly sold by street vendors on the roadside. One thing that even amazes everyone is that NO suya vendors meat taste the same. That is right!! Every vendor has a secret recipe and the taste changes depending on where you buy it. During the Mid 1960’s, most Nigerians started to migrate and relocate to foreign countries such as USA, Uk and more. This popular street food called Suya, was one of the most sought after foods in these foreign countries. It was of little surprise that so many restaurants started making suya overseas, to satisfy the demand. Now Suya is one of the most sought after delicacies worldwide. Luckily for you, if you live in Houston, TX you can stop by a Crave Suya location today and enjoy this popular street food called Suya.


Know more about suya

If you want Suya, head over to our locations page to see a Crave Suya location in Houston. We also sell Suya to surrounding cities in Houston, TX such as Missouri City TX, Pearland TX, Sugar Land TX, Katy TX, Humble TX and Spring TX, The Woodlands TX and more. We also deliver on doordash and uber eats.

Suya is a spicy meat skewer that originated from Nigeria. The most popular meats used for suya are beef, chicken, ram and shrimp. Suya pepper is what is used to marinate the meat and give it a distinct flavor.

Suya pepper is applied to the meats to marinate it. Each restaurant has its own secret suya pepper recipe. The suya pepper is the reason why every restaurants suya tastes different. Some of the most common ingredients used are Bullion, Salt, Pepper and Peanuts. Of course there are many more added ingredients. For example, Crave Suya’s pepper mix has over 37 blends of spices. Yummy right?

You now know what suya is and what ingredients are used to make it tasty. Now the question is how is it made? First meats are cut in thin slicers and placed on skewers. The skewered meats are then marinated in suya spice and put on a hot charcoal grill to cook it.

Eat it with your hands. Leave the forks and knives in the kitchen please!! Dip the meat in the extra Suya pepper that we provide. Eating Suya with tomatoes and onions help calm the spice and give you a more robust flavor.